No back pain. No neck pain.

No need to see a chiropractor, right?

Now there is...

Looks healthy

With the NeuroInfiniti,

they’re all potential patients.


People understand low back pain. They understand neck pain. (Yet most are left needing a leap of faith to cross the chasm that exists between these things they understand and the promise of what else Chiropractic offers). If you want the public to understand the damaging effects physical, chemical, and emotional stress can have on their health – on their function – measure it and show them.

Function and health go hand and hand. If you talk about one, you talk about the other. If you measure one, you measure the other.

That - in a nutshell - is the purpose of the NeuroInfiniti.

What does the NeuroInfiniti measure?

The NeuroInfiniti’s Stress Response Evaluation (SRE) measures seven different things:

  • Brainwaves
  • Respiration
  • Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Temperature
  • Galvanic Skin Response
  • Muscle tone (sEMG)
Why measure these things?

Static – or baseline - readings of these seven modalities give us an excellent window into the patient’s cortical and limbic function. However, the brilliance of the SRE is that it not only measures how these seven modalities respond to a stressor, but equally, if not more importantly, it also measures how quickly the patient recovers from the stressor (if they recover at all!)

How is the test performed?

Once the patient is hooked up to the individual sensors, the SRE itself is a computerized, scripted evaluation that will take a patient through the following series of stressors and recoveries:

  • Eyes open baseline reading
  • Eyes closed baseline reading
  • Math stressor
  • Recovery period
  • Noise stressor
  • Recovery period
  • Breathing stressor
  • Recovery
How long does it take?

The exam itself records a little over 12 minutes of data; however, there are several versions of the exam. The longest version is a fully scripted session which includes all of the voice prompts and some patient education, and it runs approximately 20 minutes. For those who are concerned about time – or prefer a little more control – there are versions without any voice prompts leaving you in charge of the time and prompting content.

What does it all mean?

The human body is a fantastic self-healing, self-regulating organism that is capable of incredible feats in order to survive and thrive. An essential part of its existence is the ability to adapt to the changing environment in which it lives. How healthy you are is a direct reflection of how well your nervous system:

  • Perceives a stressor
  • Adapts to the stressor
  • Recovers from the stressor

Stressors in life are unavoidable and not necessarily bad things. Though it is hard to pinpoint, there is a point at which stressors go from mere challenges to ones with damaging and lasting consequences. In some cases an individual challenge may be of a “trauma level”, while on the other hand some stressors may be of a small but chronic nature. The problem for most people is that they are so good at mentally adapting to stress that they are no longer conscious of the weight it is putting on their system. The NeuroInfiniti is able to show you – and the patient- exactly how well they respond to stressors.

What does the SRE show?

When someone perceives a threat, the brain should immediately flood the blood stream with Cortisol and Adrenalin. What else happens?

  • Your beta waves should spike as you calculate how to avoid the danger
  • Respiration should increase
  • Heart rate should increase
  • Blood should rush to major muscle groups causing a drop in extremity temperature
  • Your hands should get clammy
  • Your muscle tone should increase

On the SRE, we are looking to see if all of the patient’s systems respond appropriately for the stressor and in a coordinated fashion. Finally, we are looking to see how quickly all of the readings return to baseline once the stressor is removed.

How will it affect my practice?

Change the conversation in your practice. Crossing the chasm from pain and symptom based care to one that truly focuses on function and health has never been easier. Not only can it make day to day practice much more enjoyable, it will open up referrals to a great deal more than back and neck pain.

Take on the chiropractic non-responder. Every chiropractor has had the patients who just don’t seem to respond well to chiropractic care. In some cases they may actually get worse. When you combine the NeuroInfiniti with the training you will get on the BioChart and the Law of Hormesis, a whole new world of care will open up for you.

Become the center for stress in your community. Day in and day out medications are being prescribed to help people “cope” with stress by doctors who don’t have the foggiest idea what is going on with their patients’ nervous systems. Even if a medical doctor was aware of how a patient’s nervous system responded to stress, what do they have in their toolbox to really help them? Advice? Limit the stress in your life? Exercise? Sleep more? This may be great advice, but it, A) isn’t always possible, and B) doesn’t get to the root of the problem. Society at large is quite good at distracting rather than relaxing. Given the option, do you think your patients would rather cover up the problem or fix it? The NeuroInfiniti and Neurologically Based Chiropractic can help you become the expert on dealing with stress head on.

Add to your bottom line. When you step out of the low back pain, neck pain pigeon hole, you expand your potential patient audience dramatically. Not only will you attract a whole new kind of patient, but once they understand the relationship between function and health they are more likely to stick around… even after the pain is gone. Add the biofeedback and neurofeedback functionality of the NeuroInfiniti to your patient care and a whole new world of income will open up for you.


Make the Switch Checklist

If that isn’t enough to make you want to switch to the NeuroInfiniti, we thought you should hear what some of your peers – our clients – are saying about their experience since making the switch. The following is a checklist is to help you determine if switching is the right thing for you.


1. Does NeuroInfiniti have the vision to shape the future of Chiropractic?

Big Idea Vision


NeuroInfiniti Clients state -

"This will put Chiropractic where Chiropractic belongs."

"There is the potential to rewrite what Chiropractic is and can be."

"This could revolutionize healthcare!"

"The potential to change Chiropractic to what it should be is huge!"


2. Will NeuroInfiniti help you rediscover your passion for Chiropractic?

Life Changing Passion


NeuroInfiniti Clients state -

"It has completely changed the way I look at Chiropractic."

"Having this tool has rekindled my love of Chiropractic."

"I actually want to practice Chiropractic again."

"If you want to rekindle your passion for Chiropractic, there is no better solution."


3. Will your patients be able to understand the NeuroInfiniti? Will it help you bridge the gap between symptoms and true health?

Willing Compliance


NeuroInfiniti Clients state -

"There's no longer that leap of faith."

"Our compliance is rising up at about 45 degrees."

"It has changed the conversation in my practice. [Stress reponse] is the language that we speak now... it's beautiful!"

"People are blown away with what is shows."


4. Does NeuroInfiniti have the power to change your practice? The world?

Unbridled Power


NeuroInfiniti Clients state -

"After the second or third [SRE] you're like... wow... I've got something way bigger than I've ever had before."

"This is true for them. They know their stress level is killing them."

"Light years ahead of doing a static."

"We've been waiting for something like this for a very long time"


Make the switch.

Join the NeuroInfiniti Family.


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